Customer Testimonials

What are some of our customers saying about our service?

    Paul R, Thurleigh
    "I’m a business customer and the service we’ve received from BitStreme has been excellent. The installation happened exactly when agreed and was fast, friendly and professional. The internet speeds we are getting are on-contract and much faster than anything we’ve had before from other suppliers. Reliability has also been excellent so far and I have no hesitation in recommending them."
    David F, Thurleigh
    "With BitStreme, at long last, a fast and reliable service provider and excellent alternative for those who can't access high-speed fibre. In addition, they totally understand customer service and are proactive in informing about any temporary issues. Highly recommended."
    Gary K, Keysoe
    "Delighted with the team at BitStreme, great product with fantastic customer service. Happy to recommend BitStreme to new customers."
    Patrick B, Keysoe
    "Having lived in rural Bedfordshire for the last 20 years I am well used to abysmal broadband speeds of between 0.1 and 1Mb with equally excruciating hours on the phone to BT, Plusnet and Sky. I have used satellite broadband with equally disappointing results , 3G and the odd radio/microwave provider, all of these have been a) expensive for what I have received, b) a let down in terms of customer service and c) nothing like the speed promised (but plenty of excuses are offered to explain why)." "This is why, when I saw an advert from Bitstreme for their new service offering in my area I was naturally sceptical. I spent nearly an hour on the phone to their senior network engineer challenging him to prove he was not another of the same. Having convinced me with his evidence and agreeing that if the broadband or the service was not up to my expectations I would not hesitate to terminate the service." "Installation was seamless, and service speed (50Mb) was as quoted. I held my breath fully expecting it to drop and the excuses to start.....but nothing.....just the same consistent service. Even now, nearly three months later I still get what I paid for and outstanding immediate response the one time the service went down in the hot weather due to an air conditioning unit in their computer room failing (service restored a couple of hours later)." "I am deeply concerned for BT and all other broadband suppliers. If it ever gets out that this type of service is available they should rightly lose every customer they have as no one could justify staying with their old provider when Bitstreme could offer them 50 times the speed for the same price. I am enjoying this local provider looking after me and my neighbours, something BT has never managed to do. " "Be sceptical. Give them a call and let them show you what you could have."
    Ian H, Little Staughton
    "The service provided by BitBahn is excellent. What you pay for you actually get, free from land lines and associated problems in rural areas. We as a small business/private user find the download and upload perfect and at a reasonable cost. On the few occasions we have to phone re an enquiry there is always someone at the end of the phone to talk to."