Meet the team

# The guys that keep the hamster wheel turning!

Tigere 01 - cropped.jpg
Tigere Rangwani // Developer

Tigere is our lead developer, much of what our customers see is invisioned and created by him.

Lee Quince // Director

As the owner of the company, Lee is the driver behind the companies sucess, striving for greatness at every opportunity.

Toby Quince // Morale Officer

With years of experience in the field, Toby ensures morale is high and sandwiches are tasty.

Vito 02 - cropped.jpg
Vito Dachille // Installation Engineer

Taking a lead on installations, Vito ensures customers are happy with the service we install.

Harley Marsh // Garbage Puppy

Working as an Apprentice, Harley ensures the contents of the bins are evenly distributed around the floor.

Paul Devins // Consultant Developer

Alongside us since day dot, Paul designs and builds our backend, ensuring our services work as expected.

Paul Bunyan // Sales Director

Paul joined the team in Aug 18' managing sale. He ensures customers get the product that is right.

Flash Devins // Senior Trouble Maker

Not one to shy away from a challenge, Flash strives to get all the other dogs in trouble each day... without fail...

Sarah Marsh-Quince // Finance Controller

Sarah makes sure there is money in the bank, accounting for every penny within the company.

Charles Albinson-Currey // Senior Engineer

Working primarily on system architecture and design, Charles keeps our systems simple and efficient.

Lewis 03 - cropped.jpg
Lewis Pack // Operations Engineer

He likes big puns and you cannot lie, you customers cant deny, when this boy walks in with his 'idy biddy chin you know you gon' get puns.

Benji Albinson-Currey // Chief Security Officer

Benji screens all visitors giving them a bark to let them know he's there. Security is this dogs priority.