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# Connect, Operate, Protect

At BitStreme we firmly believe that connectivity really is the 4th utility.  Providing a variety of connectivity solutions to meet every need and budget, we appreciate that connectivity is for many as essential as water and power.  As well as using our own network BitStreme have longstanding relationships with the top Tier 1 carriers.  This capability enables our customers to benefit from whichever carrier’s infrastructure is most technically and commercially suited to their needs.

Here at BitStreme we take the time to fully understand your requirements which will then enable us to create a connectivity solution that will incorporate all of your short and longer-term needs.  We manage the process in its entirety from the initial design and deployment through to the ongoing management.  We proactively manage the entire service for you ensuring that each connection is operating at premium performance and delivering maximum value for money. 

Whether you require simple broadband connectivity, or you have a global WAN, our team are able to help.  BitStreme are known and respected for their ability to provide robust connectivity in remote areas where others fail.  In Spring 2017, BitStreme launched “Over the Air” (OTA) to market and has since been a leading provider of connectivity in rural areas.  BitStreme utilise their vast experience in wireless networking to create wirelessly delivered broadband solutions in areas that previously did not have the infrastructure in place to deliver connections such as this.  Built from the ground up, our own infrastructure provides dependable connectivity that doesn’t rely on third parties. 

Our fully managed connectivity solutions are supported by our technical team 24/7/365 and our highly skilled engineers operate fully across the UK

BitStreme are a provider of converged voice and data solutions.  Utilising the core infrastructure to bring a variety of communications such as voice, video and data together in to one unified network.  Voice over IP (VOIP) is hardly a newcomer to the marketplace, however the proposition continues to evolve and gain maturity and stability to become common place.  Introducing digital data and voice communications in to one truly converged network can happen in a variety of ways.  The demands that they each have on the network can vary significantly and where data typically requires high bandwidth for short periods, voice communication favours a steady and constant transmission path for longer periods.  The interoperability of the two require precise engineering and so consulting with a specialist like BitBahn is key when deploying a next generation network. 

BitStreme deliver cost effective, resilient and highly available voice traffic across data networks in a variety of ways.  The solution is entirely scalable to meet business needs and is implemented in a variety of different environments to drive productivity. 

BitStreme are a Microsoft Cloud Solution partner and have invested heavily to ensure that the full user experience of Office 365 is maximised fully.  BitStreme are now providing ways to merge legacy technologies such as the traditional PBX and integrating calling services in to Microsoft Teams.  This effectively connects 365 on a per user basis and is delivered from the cloud.  This has a very unique IP in the provision of calling capabilities to both 365 Skype for Business and Teams.

Our DataRefuge Solution provides a robust and secure portfolio of data storage and back-up solutions to suit your requirements.  Whether you are a residential client or a national UK business, our tailored approach means that we have a solution to meet your needs from both a technical and commercial perspective.  We understand that one size does not necessarily fit all and so our solutions are designed with flexibility and agility for you to build a bespoke solution that matches your individual needs. This includes physical and cloud storage solutions, along with our variety of data back-up solutions which all offer the facility to store data privately in our UK data centres.   DataRefuge specialise in all forms of data management and therefore are fully equipped to provide you with technical excellence and market leading innovative functionality.

Data Storage is often viewed as being complex, especially taking into consideration the ever-present security threats and rapidly growing amounts of data to be managed.  Ensuring that your data is stored safely and is thoroughly protected needn’t be difficult.  DataRefuge offer a variety of fully managed solutions which deliver business continuity and peace of mind.  We create the right solution to meet your requirements with “Storage as a Service” (STaaS) which offers a high degree of scalability and agility when it comes to capacity and performance, providing you with a tailor-made solution.  
We offer best of breed technologies at affordable monthly prices, stored to at least three of our Secure Storage Facilities throughout the country ensuring redundancy and high levels of security.  Multiple tiers can be used depending on business need to guarantee the right level of performance and retention. 

With DataRefuge we specialise in the protection of business-critical data, utilising our portfolio of secure, UK based back-up solutions.  Trusted by our clients to create and manage high-availability back-up solutions capable of rapidly restoring data at the flick of a switch.  Consolidate all of your data silos and other backup appliances and speak to DataRefuge about “Back-Up as a Service” (BUaaS) to modernise your infrastructure.   Standardise your back-up and recovery processes to include encryption and  deduplication.  Have the ability to easily manage, store, control and retrieve your data using DataRefuge as your partner of choice.  Incorporate high-level security and encryption with pay-as-you-go payment models and never pay for more than you need.  DataRefuge promote an easy way to allow you to manage, storage, retain and retrieve your data all within your budget.