OTA Broadband

# Internet as the crow flies

OTA Broadband

Fast - Reliable - Friendly

Fed up of slow broadband? Our cutting edge wireless technology can deliver super-fast connectivity straight to your door with low latency, high badnwidth, and *no data caps. You can chose from our range of Home and Business packages suitable for all with speeds upto 100Mbps.

Launched in spring 2017, our Over The Air internet service has helped bring rural broadband into the 21st century. BitStreme wirelessly delivers high-speed broadband to towns and areas that just did not have the infrasture to deliver. Built from the ground up, our own infrastructure provides dependable connectivity that doesnt rely on third parties this enables us to flex and support to meet requirments.

We dont believe in 'upto' so all our services are surveyed and tested prior to installation meaning you'll know exactly what speeds you can achieve. Unlike other providers we offer low contention ratios and GUARANTEE line speed, so you can be sure you'll be getting the same great service 6 months down the line.

If you would like anymore information regarding OTA broadband, please contact our support team.