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# Internet as the crow flies

OTA Sponsor

Do you live on a hill, have a garden mast, or own a skycraper? Our OTA Sponsor program may be perfect for you. BitStreme are looking for potential candidates to signup for our OTA Sponsor program, and in return for allowing us to host equipment at your premise, we can offer you a free broadband connection upto 100Mbps.

Get in touch to become a OTA Sponsor.

How do you benefit

Can you think of anything better than super-fast broadband? How about free super-fast broadband? In return for lending us roof space and electricity BitStreme can offer you a free broadband connection upto 100Mbps.

What are we looking for

BitStreme are currently in search of high up places to help us expand our infrastructure to every corner of the country. If you have an oddly tall property, a large mast or tower, or live on the top of a hill then your property may be perfect for us. We also offer Gigabit sponsor options ideal for local businesses, pubs, and close knit communities.