Gigabit Sponsor

# 21st Century Connectivity for 21st Century Technology


BitStremes Gigabit broadband offers the fastest and most reliable speeds available in the UK. We are committed to a vision of a high-speed Gigabit world and as part of our commitment, for becoming a BitStreme sponsor could receive a complimentary Gigabit service from us.

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Internet Warrior

If you have a burning passion for technology and the Internet, our mission is to help you leverage the pain of unreliable slow broadband in your area. As an individual sponsor you can help us help you. By hosting our equipment at your home we can supply you with complimentary Gigabit broadband, whilst allowing us to develop our BitStreme broadband coverage in your area.

Connect your community - public house / local business

A local business i.e. a pub should be the centre of community life and can provide essential services beyond the usual drinks, food or entertainment. Becoming a BitStreme sponsor will enhance your reputation on multiple fronts. The complimentary Gigabit service and Free* BitFi deployment will enable your customers to fluidly browse the internet on their devices and spread the word throughout the community to allow local residents to purchase a cost-effective Gigabit broadband service via the BitStreme technology on premise.

Property Developer / Utility Provider

BitStreme can supply to new developments enabling both Property Developers and/or Utility Providers to utilise our expertise as an Internet Service Provider. As a BitStreme sponsor, this will provide first-hand complimentary use of BitStreme Gigabit broadband whilst enabling the local community to uplift their current slow, unreliable broadband to a reliable Gigabit service.

Gigabit Broadband – Bespoke Services

Whether you are building new houses or developing land, BitBahn can provide your customers Ultrafast Fibre To The Premise (FTTP), fibre optic cables that go all the way to the building. BitBahn designs and invests in 21st Century Connectivity to meet the demands of 21st Century technology – high-speed connectivity, consistently reliable, able to connect multiple devices, stream music, 4K video, and clear video calling.

Our design input at the initial planning stage of a development enables us to deliver high-quality fibre networks on time and within budget. Our unique design enables the occupant to gain access to the UK’s fastest broadband service from day 1. We are the only UK Internet Service Provider (ISP) capable of offering this service from the day you move into your property.