Gigabit Broadband

# 21st Century Connectivity for 21st Century Technology

Gigabit Broadband

Rapid - Dependable - Unlimited 

Our Gigabit service is a little different, not only is it not limited to 1Gbps we have multiple ways of getting service to you. Fibre, Microwave and emerging technologies. Guaranteed to provide what it says on the tin, we do not believe in the the word 'upto' our product delivers exactly as we are contracted to provide.

We are developing Gigabit communities in multiple areas and locations as we speak. Think of how a 1Gbps broadband service would engage your online activities. Instant streaming, music downloads in just a few seconds and whole movies in under a minute. This is happening now and 'now' is what we provide with our BitStreme Gigabit service.

If you would like anymore information regarding Gigabit broadband, please contact our support team.